Thinking of Starting A Fashion Or Lifestyle Blog? Read This First! Part 1

Part 1

Hi! I’d first like to start off by saying this post is not sponsored. I’m writing this completely on my own. I went a little off topic to share my recent experiences, which I hope will help someone.

I’ve been trying to get my fashion blog going for a while now. I have some readers at my blog on WordPress, which I’m very grateful for, but I would like to expand. So I started googling how to start a fashion blog and following established bloggers in Instagram to get some ideas on how it’s done.

So many people out there want fashion blogs or lifestyle blogs. Starting a fashion blog isn’t rocket science. I’ll admit, I’m still learning myself. I’ll make a lot of errors along the way, but I’m happy to learn and share my experiences.

I started getting advertisements for ‘free’ webinars. The two that stuck out to me were Makers and Moguls and 48 Hour Fashion blog. I signed up because, well, they were free.

Both webinars followed the same format in giving you a fee tips, then going off into this big reveal of a paid course. Both courses offer a course with access to an ‘exclusive’ Facebook community. I’ll talk about each separately.

48 Hour Fashion Blog

This course is by the owner of, Marina De Giovanni. She’s very bubbly and charismatic, her course wasn’t boring at all. I started following her on Instagram after reading about the webinar. After taking her free webinar I wanted to sign up for her course. It was a whopping $197 but webinar attendees got it for ‘only’ $97. It came with a 30-day guarantee, but I had no intentions of returning it.

Turns out, 48 Hour Fashion blog had good information on getting started, but it stopped short there. Shortly (less than a week) after signing up for 48 Hour Fashion Blog I received ‘free’ bonus training on building subscribers. This led to another course for advanced bloggers costing three times more than I’d just paid.

I considered the advanced training, but decided since my blog was still in its infancy, I should focus on getting it started.

She explains in the webinar that she consulted with an expert for this price, and she was advised to charge closer to $500! I believe that the discount price of $97 is a stretch, but reasonable. I wouldn’t pay more than that.

You get a few modules on starting your blog step by step. You also get access to a workbook and other paperwork to help you get started. The one plus is that you have lifetime access to the course, including any updates.

A few things bothered me about the course. One, they tried to push me to buy a more expensive course after leading me to believe in the webinar the 48 Hour Fashion Blog would have all the information I would need. It should say that 48 Hour Fashion Blog is a “starter” course, with an advanced course available when you’re ready.

Another thing was the “exclusive” Facebook community. Yes, it was set up for bloggers to help each other, but, that was it. There are plenty of great Facebook communities for bloggers that are FREE. I would have liked a little more input from Marina herself or her team. I kinda of signed up thinking I could get firsthand advice from a professional, but they pretty much stayed out of the conversations.

I loved my co-bloggers and got and offered some great information. Since I was getting the same thing from free communities, I decided within the 30-day period that what I was receiving wasn’t worth the cost.


My Advice

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t sign up for 48 Hour Fashion blog. I always leave that decision up to you.

My personal conclusion is that, with a little work, you can find the same information through a little research online. It’s not as hard as they’ll tell you it is on the free webinar. I researched online and found some of my most helpful information on Pinterest. I also have memberships with Blogger Babes (where you can get the same information for much cheaper) and Independent Fashion Bloggers. The costs are $18 and $15 a month, respectfully.

Most new bloggers don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on “trainings”. Save your money and join a free Facebook community. Join either Blogger Babes or Independent Fashion Bloggers, both if you can swing it. You won’t miss anything from 48 Hour Fashion Blog.

On the other hand, if you have money to burn and would like all your help in one place, give it a go. There’s a money-back guarantee so you can decide for yourself.

Part 2

Since this post was so long, I’ve divided it up into two parts. Come back next week for my opinion on Makers&Moguls.