About Me

IMG_0517My Full Name: Whitney Allen Foster

Birthday: May 25, 1986 (It’s only relevant for legal purposes as I don’t celebrate birthdays :))

Current Location: Euclid, OH (Right next door to Cleveland)

Why I Started This Blog: I’ve always wanted my own space to tell my stories. For years I tried to narrow down my ideas to a food, travel, beauty, fashion, etc. I finally decided that I can’t narrow my interests to one topic, so why not start a magazine. January is the perfect time for new starts so I’m expanding Individual Alternative Style from OOTD postings to lifestyle articles. The OOTD postings will continue because that’s the best part.

When I Started Writing: I’ve been writing ever since elementary school. I don’t know an exact age, maybe 7 or 8. I started putting together my own “books” based off of ideas I’d see or read about. I started writing my own “chapter books” (the chapters were only one paragraph long), at about the age of 10. I was accepted to Cleveland School of the Arts when I was 13 and that sealed my fate as a writer. I’ve had a chance to write in many different genres, including 2 plays that were produced at the Cleveland Playhouse. My favorite genres remain blogging, fiction, and poetry.

The Purpose Of This Online Magazine: The purpose of this blog is to examine new topics, educate readers on a minimalist lifestyle, and entertain new topics. I’m reaching out to readers like me. Girls who don’t need the pressure of being a fashionista, but still appreciates a good outfit. Girls who are foodies and health nuts at the same time. Girls who want to live simply and learn new things without conforming to someone else’s rules of life. Hence my tagline “It’s Okay To Stray”.

5 Interesting Facts About Me:

Dream Job: I’m kinda doing it. A full-time writer with free time to volunteer and study interesting topics. My real dream is to make a full time living off freelance writing and traveling. I’m edging ever closer…

Guilty Pleasure: Sweets (especially cookies and glazed donuts), Wikipedia, and Pinterest

Biggest Accomplishment: Getting through another day.

Hidden Talents: I speak French. I’ve also explored Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Right now I’m struggling with Nepali.

Bucket List: Too many to list here. I do have an actual bucket list on Pinterest. But here’s a few…

1. Visit the oldest restaurant in the United States. The White House Tavern in Newport, RI
2. Go to a real Fashion Show
3. Trace my family history (know my racial roots)
4. Travel 1st Class



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