What’s “Out Of Fashion”-And My Personal Take

Let me start by saying that classics NEVER, I repeat, NEVER go out of style. What’s a classic? Clothes that fit. LOL. Seriously. Classics are defined as “styles that look good on anyone and have been popular for years”. A classic clothing piece will look just as good in 2017 as it did in 1926. Maybe not back that far, but you get the idea. The following are some examples of classics:

Crisp White Button Up Shirt: The classic white button up shirt goes with anything and it can be dressed up or down. You can wear it to work, and wear it out to dinner afterward.

Little Black Dress: Every woman needs one of these in her closet, no matter what her personal style is. This is the dress you live in. It’s your go-to dress when you have nothing to wear. It’s your last minute dress. It’s everything. Pair it with different accessories to create a new outfit every time you wear. There are so many different kinds of little black dresses you can have more than one and they won’t be the same.

Tailored, dark pants: Like the button up shirt, dark pants go with anything, and they can be dressed up or down. Wear them to work and wear them out later.

A trench coat: They come in many different colors, but to be safe you should have one in tan or black. These will look great with any outfit. Once you have these squared away you can get your fun colors. I personally love my shiny white trench coat.

These are only a few examples of classic pieces, but if you stock your closet with items like these, you’ll always be on-point no matter what the current trend is. If you see any of these items listed as out of style…the writer needs to take a Fashion 101 course.

Trends That Are “Out”

I put “out” in quotation marks because what’s in an out in fashion is relative. If I really like a piece, I’m going to continue to wear it, no matter what. And I’ll make it work. Here are some trends to make your own choice about.

Tiered Skirts:

Tiered skirts, peasant skirts, prairie skirts, whatever you want to call them, there’s been a long debate on whether they’re fashionable or not. In my research for this article, I’ve found so much going both ways. I’m here to tell you that I’ve had prairie skirts and I love them. It depends on how you wear them.

Tiered Skirts


When a lot of people think about tiered or prairie skirts, they think the bleached highlighted curly hair with flip flops and belly rings. Those days are gone. There’s more than one way to wear something. To stay in style, pair your tiered skirt with fitted clothes rather than the loose 70s/90s peasant top.
Super-High Heel Shoes/Platform Pumps:

This, I agree with. My nickname for these are “stripper” shoes because seeing them reminds me of the pole. There’s nothing classy about these type of shoes. No matter who’s making them, that includes Gucci and Christian Louboutin, they don’t belong anywhere but an exotic dancing stage.


Don’t believe me? Google “stripper shoes”.

Fedoras For Women:

I have mixed feelings about this one. This trend has been around for a couple of years. Done a certain way, these hats are very cute. A friend of mine nicknamed them “man hats”. With a tailored outfit, these hats will fit in very well.



A few rules to live by:

  • Don’t wear fedoras that don’t fit: Too big or too small, the wrong size can easily make you look like a joke.
  • Use it to complement your outfit: The right hat can make your outfit just like it can break it. Choose a colored hat to break up all black or as a simple add-on accessory. Just keep it with a simple outfit. A complicated outfit with a hat on top will make you stand out in the wrong way.
  • Don’t be afraid of color: A colored hat paired with a simple outfit may be just what you need.

Sweats As Clothes:

This was never cute. Sweats belong in the gym, or on your living room couch with bonbons and soaps, or in the ER in the middle of the night. Not in public.

Sweats As Clothes


You’re better off throwing on jeans and a t-shirt to run your errands.

Counterfeit Handbags:

Just…don’t. Nobody’s going to believe you bought a Louis Vuitton on a $20,000 salary. Save your money and get the real thing. In the meantime, visit upscale discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or SteinMart and find a classic, tailored purse, legally.

Brand Name Bags


Don’t be so hung up on names that you’ll inadvertently support criminal activity.

Layered Pearl Necklaces:

Excuse me? This is one example of an “out” trend that is completely wrong. Pearls never, ever, go out of style. No matter what kind of necklace it is. According to PureWow, they are “officially out of style”.

Layered Pearl Necklaces


Don’t listen to them. Wear your pearls all you want. You’ll always look like a million dollars. They are a classic that looks good at any age, in any year.


Like I said at the outset, take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you have a piece that makes you feel good and you make it work, by all means, rock it. (Except for the counterfeit name brands, just get the real thing).

Just to give an example on how fashion never really goes “in” and “out”, in my research for this article I had just a hard time finding a trend that everyone agrees is “out”. One notable example is this article, 18 Trends We’re Totally Over. It was written nearly three years ago with trends that were supposedly so out of style. Among these “out” fashions included cold shoulder tops, cowl necks, peplum, and infinity scarves.



I never got the memo on those because they seem to still be going strong to me. I included a peplum jacket in my OOTD just yesterday.

So wear what you like. Fashion trends are all someone’s opinion. Only you can decide what’s best for you.

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