Spring Fashion Trends to Look For

Brighter colors and new trends are in store, as it is with every spring. Personally, I like to go on a shopping spree every spring so gathering spring trends is a pastime of mine. The winter is dark, wet and drabby. It is so difficult to continue to look niche when staying warm is a number one priority. Maybe next year will bring a better chance. For now, the spring trends live on.

1. The Color Yellow

It’s such a fitting color for blooming flowers after the rain fades. The good news is that this color looks good on anyone with the right shade. It can be used as an accent or main attraction.

2. Gingham

My favorite! I love gingham accessories, shoes and dresses. It comes in a variety of colors as well. Lots of fun to be had with this one. This goes hand in hand with another spring trend, black and white.

3. Culottes

I was looking at an old western the other day and noticed a female horse rider wearing these. Another post features an example of these pants and how they can be worn. They look a lot like a mid-ankle length skirt, but pants. They also come in longer and shorter lengths.

These spring trends are only a few of what’s still coming. I can’t wait to gather more fashion ideas with these.


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