Playful Circle Skirt

Playful Circle Skirt

Jaeger brown coat
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Short skirt

Jimmy Choo blue sandals

Scoop crochet bag

Iphone cover case

Sunday Mod Inspired Look

Sunday Mod Inspired Look

Hallhuber floral coat
$180 –

Tech accessory

Dome umbrella
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My 5 Fashion Rules To Break

My Mom is old school and she and I are constantly clashing over what’s okay and what’s not. This prompted me to do some internet research over outdated fashion rules. I compiled my list of favorite ones.

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

1. Petite Girls Can’t Wear Maxi Dresses or Midi Skirts.

I’ve seen this rule in fashion books only a few years old. Midi skirts, which come right at mid-calf are rumored to make an already petite woman look stocky. Me, being 5’3, would fall into this category. I have worn many maxi dresses and midi skirts and they hardly create this look. My opinion is that the best way to wear midi skirts is too keep them flared for the most flattering look. i think of circle skirts and ’50s style floral dresses.

2. Avoid Horizontal Stripes…For They Make You Look Fat

My Mom and I still don’t agree on this one. Horizontal stripes are in fashion. The rule is that vertical stripes slim while horizontal stripes widen. I honestly, and I could be wrong, cannot recall many cute vertical stripe outfits. I may look for some and post what I find.

Bottom line though, it all depends on how they are worn. I’ve seen Spandex legging/pants with vertical stripes that don’t look good on anyone if worn alone, as pants. Just like vertical stripes can look bad, horizontal stripes can look good. One of my favorite looks is the nautical look, with red stripe shirt, navy blazer and dark jeans.

3. Pantyhose Must Be Worn Before Memorial Day and After Labor Day

photo by marin from

photo by marin from

Okay, this is waaaaaay outdated. My Mom isn’t this strict, but we live in a part of the country where the weather is finicky, especially this time of year. This week alone we had one day over 70 degrees, last Sunday, and today, a couple of days later, we have snow flurries.

My mother had issue with me going bare legged on Sunday, even though it was over seventy, but we weren’t out of the winter woods.

I dress for the weather today. Not how it should be. This day and age with global warming, the weather fluctuates, especially during spring and fall.

This goes down with the outdated rule of pantyhose required for formal event. If women can wear Ugg boots in July and call it cool, :), it’s okay to wear a summer outfit on a summer-like day.

4. Never Wear Gold and Silver Together

I’m still adjusting to this one. If my purse has a gold strap, I won’t wear silver jewelry. I’ll try to force myself to put together an outfit mixing the two and see how it looks. I hear the two metals complement each other. Why shouldn’t they, they’re both great!

5. Don’t Mix Patterns

I know, I’m late on this one! I’m still learning to mix patterns. I’m hoping to get together some outfits breaking this rule but I’m still learning. Let’s see what I come up with.