Cabin Fever–Make it Fun For Any Kid!

provided by FidlerJan at

provided by FidlerJan at

It’s Presidents Day! Snow Day! Any thing else to keep the kids home. A Monday holiday can mean a day to sleep in, get chores done, or have screaming kids running around. The northeast saw a weekend blizzard which cancelled any plans on this side of the country, so everyone is feeling a bit cooped up.

Kids are easy to please. They can be entertained with only a box. The younger they are, the more fun they have with the least amount of work. After a little internet browsing, it was discovered that kids of any age can have a blast as an entire family when stuck in the house.

This list of activities was taken from “50 Activities To Do With Kids When They Are Off School.”, found at I took out a few of my favorites, especially pertaining to winter, but the full list can be found at the link.

Preschoolers and Under

  • Make A Treasure Hunt

This is a fun way to engage the kids when running errands. For example, a trip to the grocery store can have them searching for their favorite foods.

  • Cleaning Helper

Small children love to help around the house. Enjoy it while you can! “Vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle is great for wiping down all kinds of surfaces, and safe for little ones.”, says “They may also get a kick out of doing things like polishing silver, dusting baseboards, and hunting for toys under the furniture.

Elementary Age to Middle School

  • Introduce the Kids to Old School TV

I loved this one. With services like youtube making old shows available to anyone, show your kids what you liked to watch when you were their age.

  • Board Games

This is a forgotten pastime, pushed out of the way by video games and texting. It bears some bringing back. It’s a great way to get everyone engaged and kills a few hours.

All Ages Fun–Even Beyond Middle School

  • Cook Together

As a foodie, this is so important to me. I personally recommend taking a trip to the library and looking for some children’s cookbooks. I like the heavily photographed ones like DK. Pick out some recipes and make dinner together!

  • Make Your Own Video

Everyone wants to be a star. With smartphones, camcorders are not hard to come by. Make a video of the kids performing a talent, or a how-to of their favorite hobby. If everyone’s okay with it, send it to relatives or friends. Not only will they get a chance to talk about themselves, but it can help build
some public speaking skills too!

See full list at!

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